Somebody in Italy takes seriously the comparison between the sound of a V12 and the symphonies of classical orchestras. In Modena, home of the italian supercar, visionary entrepreneur Matteo Panini had the idea of patenting a prototype of a revolutionary Hi-Fi System with a very particular look.

He thought about fusing the efficiency of a high quality audio dock and the appeal and intrinsic beauty of a racing car’s exhaust manifold. Designed by his friend Mirco Pecorari, Ixoost systems are not just music speakers with a cool, weird appearence: the aluminium pipe’s interweaving fulfil a sound box function, giving your favourite song a unique and inimitable nuance.

‘’It’s not actually the supercar I wanted to build since I was a child’’, declared Mr Panini, ‘’but Ixoost systems enclose all the passion, the craftmanship, the design, the personality, the attention to detail and the philosophy of the cars which here in Modena are produced’’.

Ixoost actually produce several models including a wheel-looking one, results of a partnership with Pirelli, available with different tread patterns, one in partnership with Lamborghini, which is the leading product, and the Radial6, inspired by classic single propeller aircrafts, equipped with suggestive radial engines indeed.

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