Fuck 'Em!

Fuck 'Em!

Fuck 'em all – agencies, production companies, so-called influencers, lifestyle outlets, and the press as a whole. You don't need them anymore.

It's difficult to find a way to describe Christopher Kippenberger's professional timeline. It began with him being an industrial designer who was supposed to be building chairs for a living. In the late '90s, as he was sitting in a pile of sawdust, he thought "Fuck this!" and went to work in the booming film industry in Los Angeles.

Why? "Film seemed more of a kick than standing around in sawdust all day long."

He started working at a post-production house but left the field when things got too Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – an entire team that he was working with got hooked on heroin and ended up getting fired. After that grim experience, he moved to Ridley Scott Associates to create music video concepts and, while there, was able to explore a different side of his cinematographic creativity. However, his most formative period came when he moved back to Germany to become Executive Producer for Vice and begin a side venture in the adult film industry. The latter, with pornographic material statistically being the leading type of video content for the masses, gave him profound insight into the science of distributing video online.

So where is Christopher now? Probably in Berlin, probably not. He founded Studio Kippenberger to offer digital strategy development, creative content placement and integrated brand consulting working with names like Porsche, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Vimeo and Intel among many others. His rise to stardom came around 2012 when he came to prominence for his pioneering UAV footage captured with drones that he had built himself. At the time, aerial footage was an expensive feat that required renting a helicopter for over $50,000 per day.

"The drone thing was really just my way out of the boredom of film and video production.

I have always hated people who work on a film set.

It's all based on people forcing you to believe you need something only they know how to use blah blah blah - bunch of film bullies."

The drones were all constructed in-house and uncovered a new plane for his productions to exist on, allowing him to create shots like never before. Without a creative spark, the drone remains a simply flying camera – a tool without a purpose. His unique style and background that he has lent to this tool have given him titles such as "Terry Richardson of car videos" and "king of car porn" that are as apt today as they ever were.


Lately, he has been involved in reviving one of the most iconic off-shore racers: the KAAMA Marine boat. The winner of multiple US and world championship, the legend is being revived as the ultimate speedboat. The new version will have seating for six people, will be able to sleep four inside the cabin, and will have an in-deck bathroom and shower. KAAMA's communication is managed by Studio Kippenberger, with Christopher as the company's co-owner and Creative Director. If you are looking to get your hands on the boat, feel free to drop him a line.

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