TheArsenale_New York

TheArsenale_New York


SoHo (New-York, NY) Jan, 18th 2022 - The luxury timepiece maison Roger Dubuis and the ultimate brand dedicated to mobility, TheArsenale collaborate once more to open SoHo Residence, the third TheArsenale flagship in the world, the second in the US.


TheArsenale is the first worldwide marketplace dedicated to the motion universe: Earth, Sea, Air and Beyond - sourcing, investing, promoting, and collaborating with the most cutting edge labels, independent builders, and designers to create the world’s most insane garage and leading marketplace dedicated to technology and design advancements. Created in 2017, the company first settled in Miami's vibrant Design District for more than 3 years before moving out to the creative and cultural hub of Wynwood. Continuing its expansion, TheArsenale established its second flagship in one of the most vigorous and luxurious places in Asia, Macau's City of Dreams. SoHo will then be the 3rd home of TheArsenale. New-York was a part of the plan from the beginning as a retail and shopping temple. TheArsenale has one philosophy; creme de la creme, we don’t just source the best rides, gear, and art for motion enthusiasts but we also facilitate relationships with the most highly regarded institutions to help propel our builders forward. The Big Apple needed a Mobility Business Hub, a meeting place for innovative entrepreneurs, industry leaders, mentors and corporate executives that promotes networking, investment and consumers interest.


Establishing a long-term partnership with Roger Dubuis, part of the Richemont Group camenaturally for TheArsenale as the watch brand is implicated in the automotive industry pursuingperfection through a high-powered collaboration with Lamborghini in particular. Alongside these exceptional art pieces visitors will experience a cutting-edge vehicles exhibitconstantly displaying what the motion universe has to offer the best : each month a new productwill enter the line-up with playing as the first representative the newest creation from IconAircraft’s, the Icon A5.
Like something from a James Bond movie, the A5 is anamphibious sport plane that fuses outstanding aeronauticalengineering with world-class product design andunprecedented safety features. 

Tarform Motorcycles, a new breed of electric motorcycles,and Pave Motors, the next generation, a fusion of bike andmotorcycle. are set to represent the Land element. 

And to represent Beyond: AIR4, the first French flying car,  TheArsenale's futuristic reinterpretation of the iconic 4L willcome and complete the New-York line-up soon. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 
134 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012
 Open : Tue-Sun from 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

about TheArsenale

With agents in Paris, Miami, Macau and now in New-York, TheArsenale, curator and retailenterprise has brought cutting-edge technology and fun to the motion marketplace, collaboratingon products that range from bikes and cars, fashion, accessories and high-end art pieces,through to stealth boats, planes, drones, military-grade ATVs and personal submarines - allindependently designed and built or micro-manufactured.

about Roger Dubuis

The rush of adrenalin, a pounding heart, the sure and certain knowledge that something is aboutto happen: ENTER THE FUTURE OF HYPER HOROLOGY. Impertinent, excessive and slightlymad, this is Roger Dubuis. Solidly sustained by an integrated Manufacture, an innovative spirit,and a flagrant disregard for convention, this is what Roger Dubuis is all about! Laugh, scream,roar, and above all, create… for an exclusive tribe that believes in the philosophy of living largerthan life at every turn. Inspired by other cutting-edge industries and out-of-the-box designs toprove, time and time again, that Roger Dubuis is unquestionably the most exciting way toexperience Hyper Horology.