TheArsenale Agency proudly reveals its latest campaign for Renault

Since the last 10 years, we have successfully brought innovative concept to one of our favorite car company. This one is surely the most fast forward thinking, as we engage the worldwide community to re-invent the iconic Twingo with a special Artificial Intelligence supply... The result is a world premiere Artificial Intelligence Advertising campaign.

The first real-life AI show car, inspired by 

artificial and human intelligence.

Once solely available for the elites in tech, artificial intelligence is now open to everyone in just three clicks. This newly accessible technology enables everyone to unlock the power of their imagination. We wanted to pay homage to the iconic Twingo by giving everyone the opportunity to take part in the creative process. By simply entering a few keywords, users can harness these highly effective and easily accessible image generators to create incredible visuals. Everyone can then submit their designs by posting their creations on their preferred social media platform with the hashtag: #ReinventTwingo 

We will then bring to life a show car that is directly based on the creations received.

How to create with Artificial Intelligence in just a few minutes:

Register to Discord

Discord is a free voice and text chat app that works on your desktop and phone. Create a Discord account by clicking here.

Join the AI Garage

Once your Discord account is created you can join the Twingo30 AI Garage server in Discord by clicking here.

Generate your iterations

On the left, go to the "Reinvent-Twingo" forum to start creating with the MidJourney AI bot! In the text area, type "/imagine" then your request: example "/imagine a futuristic Renault Twingo ยป, in a few seconds, AI will send a proposal (4 images square) on the feed.

Select the ultimate one

Press U (upgrade) to receive an HD image, V (variations) to receive other proposals. Put details in your requests, propose landscapes, indicate styles, upload photos to give inspiration to the algorithm etc. Be creative by telling a story to AI.

Now, you #ReinventTwingo

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100% Laboratory Tested
100% Laboratory Tested
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