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Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane

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The world's first luxury hydroplane by Alpha-Centauri brings race-boat speeds to the masses.

The Concept

Until now, hydroplanes have been an exclusivity of racing events; with their aerodynamic shapes, powerful engines and blazing speeds. Alpha-Centauri wanted to change that by introducing the world's first luxury hydroplane aimed at the leisure market. Much like Ferruccio Lamborghini who introduced the world to road-legal mid-engined cars; Alpha-Centauri wants to create a revolution in the boating world.

Design and Interior

The Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane would sit right at home at Mr. Bruce Wayne's bat cave. Covered in a black matte exterior; the lean muscular body and sharp lines create a slick silhouette that implements its power. Open the cabin and a bright red interior is exposed. A Raymarine naval navigation system is installed inside to make sure you're not lost as you blast through the sea at full speed. Everything is covered in premium materials and the eye-catching red can be found on everything. Even the sound system by Rockford Fosgate is covered in red. Four bucket racing seats are installed inside for obvious reasons. *cough* 60 knots *cough* 


You read it above, 60 knots. This is the speed at which the Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane will take you if you decide to floor it; at the 750hp configuration. You can choose a configuration from 550 to 2000hp coming from a 9.4L Chevrolet Big Block engine. The engine is coupled to a Scott Jet twin-stage sprint jet system with a rev range of up to 6000. Built out of cellular sandwich composite, the lightweight hull and the underlaying stainless steel frame weigh only 1650kg. Designed with fluid dynamic software, the hull has an incredibly low coefficient of drag. 

Engine Chevrolet Big Block 9.4l 

Power Output 550 HP to 2000HP

Prototype Power Output 750hp

Jet Drive Scott Jet Twin-Stage Sprint Jet System

Construction Cellular sandwich composite

Top Speed  60 Knots at 750hp configuration

Revs Up to 6000 

Frame Stainless Steel Space Frame


Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane
  • $ 184,875.00