Alter Ego Aurora - iPhone Case

Alter Ego Aurora - iPhone Case

At TheArsenale we always seek to find products that push boundaries and unlock new possibilities. Something that can be enjoyed day after day and still amaze you like the first time. Meet Aurora...

$ 2,750.00
Realeased by Gray Singapore

Product description

Alter Ego is a series of iPhone cases like no other. Nowadays all phones have beautiful designs but that comes at the cost of durability. Most phone companies have drastically increased the use of glass on their flagships making them more vulnerable to falls, bumps or scratches. Most of the cases on the market are ugly and bulky that's why a lot of people don't prefer using them. But the talented team at Gray just launched their new iPhone 11 cases. With a design that is out of this world, this might be the case that you're looking for. It comes in four beautiful variations from which you can choose from. All aspects of the case are engineered to make the phone feel and look extraordinary.

The Aurora is composed of two titanium bodies secured by a Torx screw, paired with a TPU Housing that secures the case perfectly onto the phone.

Limited to 50 Pieces Worldwide

Alter Ego Aurora - iPhone Case


CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium – 6Al4V

PVD coating

Mechanically Textured Surface Finish

Comes with 1 Black TPU Housing

Limited Edition

Available for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Alter Ego Aurora - iPhone Case

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