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TheArsenale believes the SHERPA is the absolute pinnacle of motion in the sea, thanks to its innovative technology and unique design. It comes in a small package, yet offers what much larger yachts do.

$ 1,848,750.00
Realeased by Arcadia Yachts

The SHERPA Concept

Following their succes in the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016, Arcadia Yachts presents its newest entry level yacht, the Shrpa. Unveiled for the first time in January 2016, the Sherpa counts 4 units solds worldwide; all in the open deck version. SHERPA introduces a new language of yacht design, created with open spaces in mind. Despite having a compact size, it offers all they key factors of bigger yachts. Penned by Guida Design, the SHERPA combines an efficient length/width ratio to offer considerable volume.

Lay-Out and Flexibility

SHERPA was developed with maximum flexibility in mind, being capable to serve as a day cruiser, shadow boats, mini yacht, a day-boat etc. Whatever you want to do in the open water, this little yacht is perfectly capable. It comes in three different cabin models; one cabin, two cabins and three cabins. If you're living in tropical climates, the SHERPA has extendable verandas to provide extended shade in the Asian market.


The SHERPA can be used for day crusing and long distances as well. Using a high-performance NPL hull, it significantly reduces consumption. The high cruising capacity resembles long-range boats, and the additional tank compartment allows for more extensive cruising. Thanks to the lightweight superstructure, the SHERPA powered by Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines can reach spreeds of 20 knots, and can cruise at 17 knots. Boasting the reliability of Volvo IPS engines, the SHERPA also generates 4 kW of electric power thanks to the solar panels that cover the entire superstructure. The solar panels are integrated inbetween the inner and outer surfaces of the boat. They provide electrical power to the refrigerators, toilets, lighs, A/V, electronic instruments, water circulation and it can even recharge bateries. The panels are full of Krypton gas, a highly efficient thermo-insulating element that offers 18 degrees of thermal cooling.

ARCADIA YACHTS SHERPA-Arcadia Yachts-TheArsenale


Yard Arcadia Yachts


Materials fiberglass for the Veranda, GRP for the superstructure

Length 17.70m

Waterline Length 16.10m

Maximum beam 5.6m

Draft 1.20m

Propulsion Volvo Penta IPS 600

Generator 9 kW 5Hz Kohler

Fuel Capacity 1,800 litres

Water Capacity 600 litres

ARCADIA YACHTS SHERPA-Arcadia Yachts-TheArsenale

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