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Tamarit Motorcycles

Barracuda by Tamarit Motorcycles

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Barracuda is the most ambitious project ever made by Tamarit Motorcycles. The team had only worked on Neoclassic Triumph motorcycles with easy to install parts without cutting or drilling. The client wanted something different and unique, so Tamarit Motorcycles decided that Barracuda project would be different. For this, the client entrusted the garage to make something new and refreshing with a classic look. The Triumph Bonneville was completely transformed, undergoing heavy changes to the parts. In the end was worth it because a true classic beauty was created.


The Triumph Bonneville received a total makeover. The lower-frame was cut as much as possible, as exhaust 2in1 Bocanegra, the Boludos exhaust, a 28mm handlebar in the middle, and 22mm on the ends. The cables from the front turning signals are inside the handlebar, for that Motogadget electrical set was used. It features an aluminum fender and a short seat for two. The bike has leather grips for a more classic look. The engine is fully painted with a heat-proof coat.


  • Model: Bonneville T100 Carb
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Year: 2006
  • Capacity: 865 cc
  • Exhaust: Custom
  • Speedometer:  Koso
  • Speedometer Seat: Custom
  • Tires: Mitas E-07
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles: Tamarit Springs, 3/4 headlight, Regulation cross, ignition key relacation bracket, exhaust wrap, Super López sump guard, chain cover, Ohlins shock absorbers, rear view mirrors.
  • Design and paintjob: Tamarit Motorcycles
Barracuda by Tamarit Motorcycles
  • $ 26,100.00