Blitz Nine T
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Blitz Nine T "U-Boat"

Neo-Retro build with timeless looks and state-of-the-art technology, enter the "U-Boat" BMW R9T by Blitz Motorcycles.

$ 27,150.00
Realeased by Blitz Motorcycles

BMW Motorrad comissioned build

When the BMW R Nine T came out, it was clearly a bike that asked to be modified. Well aware of that potential, BMW called some of the best builder around to build some unique R Nine T, and Blitz Motorcycles was among the chosen ones.


The motorcycle was built with the traditional Blitz treatment, paying attention to every detail on the exterior as well as performance-wise too. R9T's are basically blank canvases for modification, but Blitz did not want to steal away the neo-retro look of the roadster. So work began, and the motorcycle went through a series of extensive modifications to become the "U-Boat"

The Build

First, the motorcycle was stripped down to its frame and was powder coated in a glossy black finish including the triple trees, handlebar, top end engine covers, battery
covers and footpegs. The fork tubes were finished in a matte black color that matches the grey ceramic painting of the exhaust pipes and mufflers. "Hat Tech" built the bespoke muffler tailored to this bike. The dashboard features a Moto Gadget speedometer instead of the standard ones. The front blinkers have been replaced with "Rizoma" ones and the rear blinkers are custom made. The fuel petcock is also by "Rizoma". Instead of the stock seat cover, you find a bespoke seat covering with improved comfort and durability. Perhaps one of the most interesting details is the front headlight that originates back to a 1980's rally car.

The bike color is inspired by the famous submarines, that’s why it is nicknamed “U-Boat”. The result is simple yet has this elegant touch that belongs to the Parisian guys from Blitz. Yes, the R Nine T is literally everywhere around town those times, but with this one you will stand out from the crowd.

Blitz Nine T


BuilderBlitz Motorcycle

ModelBlitz Nine T "U-Boat"

Base model’15 BMW R Nine T


Weight220kg (wet)


Max Speed200km/h

Blitz Nine T

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