BMW R80 RT Polizia Uno P1

BMW R80 RT Polizia Uno P1

Built to be the ultimate racing machine, this once Police-force bike is turned into an asphalt burning, NOS loaded machine with a supercharger. Insane would be the right word.
59 000€
Realeased by VTR-Customs

The Mission

The BMW Polizia Uno had one mission to complete before being created, it had to race and win the Classic Boxer Sprint. A combination of modern technology and timeless design gave way to the creation of the beast. Forged out of Stucki 2 Rad Center, Switzerland; the Polizia Uno had the hands of masters all over it. The crew behind the beast had already built numerous cafe racers and brats; but nothing like the Polizia Uno P1.

The Start

To create the bike, VTR Customs had to find a donor bike. A total number of three donor bikes were found; all three ex-police R80 RT patrol bikes from the Italian-speaking division of the Swiss Police force. 'Dani' from VTR Customs, a Swiss Supermoto racer; said that they are always looking after classic boxers, so they got all three. They decided to build a cafe racer that would be insanely fast, and most likely not road legal. What was once a fully equipped police motorcycle with lights, fairings and luggage compartments was about to turn into a blazing fast race machine.

The Build

VTR Customs had to build the fastest bike they could, so they started with its lifeline supply. A fuel injection system was installed along together with the twin carbs. Instead of the carbs, a custom hand-made injection system by VTR customs is installed. A ECU system controls timing and injection to ensure optimal performance. There is a handy switch located on the top fork yoke that gives you instant access to selectable ECU fuel and ignition maps. If that wasn't enough; a Rotrex supercharger was added. It is supported by custom made bearing plates and pulleys. Calculations of the gear ratios for low-end power delivery and high-end punch was also done by the VTR Team. To emphasize the amount of insane this motorcycle is, VTR installed a N.O.S system. Delivered via the fuel path, this shot of Nitroux Oxide cools the intake air that increases density of the oxygen, multiplying its burn rate. This long list of upgrades is shocking for a motorcycle; but remember that this bike is not legal on the road. The 'P1' has one mission, to cover an eighth of a mile as soon as possible; it is the ultimate speed machine.

BMW R80 RT Polizia Uno P1



Model1988 R80 RT


Injection SystemVTR-Customs Hand-made

ECU SystemVTR-Customs Programming

BMW R80 RT Polizia Uno P1

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