Guido EV Motorcycle Concept

Guido EV Motorcycle Concept


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The Guido, which is named after the Italian painter Guido Reni from the 17th century and was inspired by the Rolls Royce 130EX concept car. The primary creator and manufacturer of the Guido is Vlad Belyakov of Box39, a bespoke motorbike shop in Moscow.

Most people often picture electric motorcycles as a dependable, environmentally responsible mode of mobility. A type of art doesn't. Those things are all intended to change with the Guido EV motorcycle concept.

His substantially customized Harley-Davidsons, which include parts manufactured on cutting-edge Haas 5-axis equipment, have garnered him acclaim on a global scale. The Guido concept was initially created per the request of an eastern European Haas machines dealer in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the machinery.


The Henne Co., a business based in Fort Lauderdale that sells finished custom bikes milled using Box39's equipment and is representing them in North and South America, described the Guido motorcycle as "a vision of design."

"The motorcycle's range in miles is irrelevant. All that it is is form. The Guido might be housed in an art museum in five years. The enormous front wheel of the Guido, with a diameter of 30 inches, required 200 machine hours to produce.

This, together with the expertly constructed aluminum body, serve as a convincing illustration of the meticulous attention to detail Belyakov put into the design.

GUIDO EV motorcycle concept

Despite claims to the contrary, Guido is a rideable work of art—just not one that belongs on the streets.

Other features include a battery-powered motor, a front end Girder suspension, hydraulic rear brakes, and a 17-inch front wheel concealed behind the bodywork. The Guido EV concept's adjustable suspension for both wheels is one of its distinguishing qualities.

The electric motor raises the bike's back suspension and lifts the body up against the front wheels for a precise and ideal fit as the user merely straddles it and scans their fingerprints.

Guido EV Motorcycle Concept


Design BOX39

Front wheel R30

Rear wheel R17

Engine Electric wheel

Plug type Lever

Body Aluminum

Fuel tank Aluminum

Guido EV Motorcycle Concept

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