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ICON is the world's leading classic offroad shop, having already established their series of offroad vehicles based on classic Land Cruisers, Broncos, Thriftmasters and much more. The ICON Reformer Defender 110 NAS is the ultimate offroading machine for enthusiasts looking for the classic Defender look and the performance of a modern SUV. 

$ 366,053.00
Realeased by ICON

The Start

This Reformer project by ICON started with a globetrotting Defender NAS 110. When ICON got their hands on this rare US-spec Defender, it had already been around the world a few times. Tested by time, this rugged SUV went through the hands of ICON 4x4 to become a timeless classic with the performance to match today's vehicles. The timeless Defender was stripped off to its bare essentials for a deep rebuilding process.

The ICON Treatment

When you purchase an ICON vehicle, you will most likely miss most upgrades at first sight. That's because ICON treats every vehicle with extreme detail, upgrading even the smallest part for a completely new experience on a classic platform. The front has a nearly stock look until you grasp on the details. Originally, the grill is made out of plastic. ICON then 3D scanned the grill and then slightly redesigned it. Then, it was machined out of aluminium, silica blasted and anodized. This treatment was received for the ICON badge in the front too. The top vent is also redesigned, CNC'ed and features a woven aluminium grill. It serves as the cold air intake for the air filter housing. Side vents are redesigned and branded by ICON to add brand continuity. Originally the mirrors are plastic. Forget about them, ICON redesigned them in powder coated black aluminium. Door handles? Redesigned. Lights? Now feature aluminium side marker guards. Hood hinges? Redesigned. Taillights? Upgraded to LED and repositioned. The interior is completely overhauled. It has been cleaned up and is now a real Defender dash, it simply works. It is designed to offer the most simple, yet functional dashboard. The gauges are military inspired and are brand new electronic units. There are LED lights for various functions mounted into a custom steel panel. The steering column features a collapsible shaft for safety. A small yet important detail is the ICON badge on the steering wheel; a lizard spun-formed in pewter. There are two rear seats with room in the center to pass through. It has a removable dog cage in the back. You also find two more ICON designed jump seats that bring the capacity to six persons. Seats and door panels are covered in Bison hide.

Under the hood

The donor Defender was stripped down to its chassis for a full restoration. It was powder coated everywhere for protection.  Every part of the chassis was purified, from the engine block to the suspension. The old gas engine of the Defender offered mediocre power and wasn't quite effective. ICON decided to replace it with a LS3 GM Erod, a 430HP powerhouse from Chevrolet. The big block engine offers substantial power, emissions certification, and a two year 50k mile warranty. A new GM 4L65E automatic transmission was installed. Twister developed the upgraded transfer case and a Twisted Alcon braking system was installed on all four wheels, backed up by a hydroboosted master cylinder.  New gas shocks were designed for the hood and a large capacity aluminium radiator was installed.  The new suspension is also developed by Twisted, a UK Defender specialist; and offers increased comfort. 


Model 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 NAS US-Spec

Mileage 3000 Miles

Number of doors 4+1

Power 430HP

Engine LS3 GM Erod V8

Transmission GM 4L65E Automatic

Brakes Twisted Alcon Braking System

Suspension Twisted




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