KORMARAN K7-Kormaran-TheArsenale


Designed to be a cross breed between a Bugatti and a Gulfstream on water, the Kormaran K7 makes use of the latest technology to create an irreplaceable sailing experience.

$ 1,220,175.00
Realeased by Kormaran

Design and Build

The Kormaran K7 uses Formula One composite technology and Q-Branch imagination to produce a watercraft that is custom-matched for buzzing parties in Monaco Grand Prix and setting off for a mission in the Mediterranean. It uses a monocoque chassis derived from racing technology and nearly all of the bodywork is carbon fiber; with high-strength milled alloy brackets. The deck is built out of teak and is reinforced with carbon fiber.

Talking Numbers

The Kormaran K7 measures 7.1m long and has varying widths depending on its form. In the monohull phase it measures 1.6m wide; 2.7m wide as a catamaran and 3.5m wide as a trimaran. Depending on the configuration, it can have a height of up to 2 m. The basic power output is 310 hp (2x155hp engines) or can be upgraded to an insane 600 hp option. If you decide to install the hydrofoil system, the power can go up to 900 ponies. The maximum speed depends heavily on configurations but on hydrofoils it can reach a speed of 38 knots/70 km/h. 

Transform your Experience

One of the most unique features of the K7 is its ability to transform and shape-shift into different configurations. This allows the water vessel to turn into a trimaran, catamaran or a monohull; just by pressing one button. The hydraulically actuated hulls reinforced with carbon fiber control the moving hulls and can also be activated while the K7 is moving. By activating its hydrofoils, the Kormaran K7 will sail on the water surface; reducing water resistance by 80% and improving fuel efficiency. 

KORMARAN K7-Kormaran-TheArsenale

 Length 7.1m

Monohull Width 1.6m

Catamaran Width 2.7m

Trimaran 3.5m 

Height Up to 2m

Power 300 hp (2x155hp) or optional 600 hp 

Power (Hydrofoils) Optional 900 hp

Propulsion 2 standart/3 hydrofoil

Maximum Speed 70km/h on hydrofoils

Range 200km

Deck Teak Deck - Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Structure & Bodywork Carbon Fiber - Race Technology Derived

KORMARAN K7-Kormaran-TheArsenale

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