Kumpan Model 54 Inspire
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Kumpan Model 54 Inspire

Our most affordable starter-level model, the ‘Inspire’ is as versatile and casually elegant, as are you! It will accompany you comfortably in every situation – let yourself be inspired!

Leave noise, stress, and conventions behind and drive silently and electrically into your Kumpan adventure. Be a pioneer of e-mobility and join the growing trend! Stay casual and independent with an e-scooter that offers long-range and short charging times whilst at the same time, guaranteeing a unique driving pleasure. The exclusive features are tailored to your needs in the modern city traffic to enjoy the Kumpan whilst feeling stylish and green – completely emissions-free!

$ 6,995.00
Realeased by Kumpan

Smart Technology

Of course, it’s a touchscreen! The ‘Inspire’ 7-inch touch-screen display is now bigger and improved; this gives you a direct view of your speed, range and consumption. In addition, the telemetry module built into the battery, allows you to check the location and charge level of your scooter anywhere. Due to our ‘Keyless Start’, you don’t even have to take out your key – the scooter records you automatically. Simply press the start button and drive off!

Excellent Illumination

See and be seen: Your ‘Inspire’ headlamp package, illuminates the road perfectly and guarantees a clear view. Indicators, taillights, and brake lights shine brightly thanks to LED lighting – to relax and drive safely at night.

Powerful and connected

In our self-developed ‘Power Pack 2.0’ battery, we have built-in high-performance LG cells, which will guarantee an energetic drive (3 KW engine power, 45 km / h) and long ranges. The battery is inserted into the battery compartment, which automatically connects to your ‘Inspire’ – easy!

You can store up to three power packs in the ‘Inspire’ at the same time, which will take you to any destination with a range of up to 180km (depending on load, driving style and environment).

Charging has never been so flexible! All you need to do is remove the battery, plug it into a standard household socket and you’re ready to go! For a full-charging process this only takes an impressive four hours – allowing you more time to drive!

Kumpan Model 54 Inspire

Engine Brushless hub motor, 3 kW power

Battery Li-Ion, 51 Volts, 29 Ah | 1479 watt hours

Features Cruise control, 7" Touchscreen display

Safety&Comfort Hydraulic disk brake front and rear
Hydraulic suspension fork
Adjustable shock absorbers

Weight 82 kg without batteries
112 kg with three batteries
280 kg maximum total weight

Length 1939mm

Width 734mm

Height 1136mm

Bench Height 800mm

Kumpan Model 54 Inspire

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