Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions

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8 000€
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions
  • Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions

Lithium Cycles Super73 Limited Editions

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8 000€
8 000€


We're proud to introduce the 2018 Super 73 model, available to order today, shipping starting Oct 1st, 2017. 

With an updated frame design, high quality components, a 1000 watt (peak power) hub drive motor and extended battery range, this Super 73 electric motorbike is more powerful than ever. Make sure to reserve yours today while supplies last! 

•  1000 watt peak power hub motor (750 watt nominal)
•  Our new 48V 15.4 Ah battery using premium Panasonic cells makes it our largest capacity battery yet!
•  Range: 35 miles and more depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, etc. 
•  Speed: 25-27 mph
•  No license or registration required
•  USB phone charging outlet
•  Cup holder + bottle opener
•  Comes with racing slick fat tires
•  Lights optional (to be purchased separately)
•  Battery comes with a set of keys to lock it in place

    Starting to ship October 1st, 2017. 

    > Save on shipping, come pick up your Super 73 from our factory in Tustin, California. Select "Local Pickup" at checkout. 
    > Lifetime warranty on the bike frame and forks 
    > One year warranty for battery, computer and motor components

    > Do the research and see why you're in good hands with Lithium Cycles. 
    > Learn about the process and see how it's made in California. 


    Super Smooth Ride and Comfort
    The Super 73 was designed specifically for rider comfort. Its natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat make it a pleasure to ride. Plus the ultra wide 4.25" pneumatic tires absorb all but the biggest bumps in the road.

    Go Anywhere Range
    The 2018 Super 73 comes with an industry leading 15.4 amp hour Panasonic powered battery, which gives you a range of 35 miles per charge depending on riding conditions. Range depends on rider weight, terrain, surface incline, weather conditions, etc. 

    Worry Free Recharging
    You won't need to wait long between rides. The Super 73 battery recharges from empty to a full charge in 3.5 hours. Also, you can unlock your battery and take it with you anywhere. So you can leave your bike parked outside, while your battery is recharging inside your office, home, or apartment.

    Park and Ride Like a Bicycle
    In most states, the Super 73 is considered an electric bicycle. So, you can conveniently ride and park anywhere a bicycle can. Plus, in most cases you won't need a motorcycle license or special registration. 

    • High Torque and Exciting Performance
      The Super 73 is designed for acceleration and hill climbing torque. Powered by a high performance 1000 watt peak power electric hub motor and our custom engineered motor controller, the Super 73 is an absolute blast to ride!

    • Pedal Assist for Extended Range and Throttle Control
      In pedal assist mode you can give the motor an extra boost by pedaling, which extends your range. You can select between 5 levels of pedal assist or turn it off to get some exercise. Also on those lazy days, you can simply use the throttle lever and ride without pedaling at all.

    • Extra features you can't miss!
      The Super 73 is not only about power, comfort and speed. It also has:

      - Cup Holder (can also hold a cell phone)
      - USB outlet for charging your phone or other electronics
      - Bottle Opener
      - Rear light on battery pack

    • Why buy from Lithium Cycles? Read more about our story here.


      Range 35+ miles on a flat surface, or more with pedal assist
      Speed 25-27 mph 
      Weight Load 275-300 lbs recommended

      Panasonic cells
      15.4 Amp-hours (Ah)
      Recharges in 3-5 hours
      48 V Input AC 100-240V


      1000 watt peak power electric mid-drive
      750 watt nominal power
      Thumb throttle

      Can be pedaled without motor on

      Pedal Assist



      Steel, powder coated, resistant to outdoor elements


      Disc brakes


      Kenda racing slick fat tires 20" x 4.25
      Can be upgraded with knobby tires


      60 lbs
      Packaged weight: 90 lbs

      Seat Comfortable wide seat. Height: 30" from ground
      Size Fits people up to 6'5
      Dimensions Length 61" / Seat Width 8.75" / Seat Height 31" / Handlebar Width: 21.75" / Handlebar Height 44.24"

      Standard: Flat Gray



        Choose your power options, see your speed, distance and time. Choose from 5 pre-set levels of motor power or program your own.

        - Full color high contrast 3.2 inch IPS matrix screen
        - No need to power cycle the display in order to use the USB charging port
        - On-screen clock and watt meter


        • Waterproof Connector
        • High strand count discharge cable with Teflon insulation for heat resistance
        • Battery locks into mount and includes 2 keys
        • Removes quickly from rack for charging away from the bike
        • Charge level indicator on battery case
        • 8.7 lbs (4 Kg)
        • Assembled with genuine Panasonic cells
        • High Current (30A+) BMS to protect from overcharge and over discharge
        • Includes solid state 2 amp charger

        Please contact us for a quote. Customer is responsible for duty and tax.
        If riding on public roads, customer is responsible for checking local street regulations for this type of electric bike.