Triumph Thruxton 900 Stage 2-Bad Winners-TheArsenale
Max Speed

Triumph Thruxton 900 Stage 2

The fastest Thruxton around.

$ 37,000.00
Realeased by Bad Winners

Race tuned, for the streets.

Custom is not about putting a modified handlebar and some exhaust heat wrap to your exhaust, Bad Winners reminded it to us. Even stock, the Triumph Thruxton is a great bike, so when Bad Winners decides to tune it, it become a wild beast. Everything has been upgraded like a race bike would be. Carbon wheels, big brakes, big carburetors, revised ECU… The list never ends and the result is this violent, efficient and raw Thruxton. You can ride it in B roads or compete in the next season Monster Race, your choice.


This Triumph Thruxton Stage 2 is limited to 5 units and comes with a one year engine guarantee. Each bike is made on order and needs up to 2 months to be built. Message us if you have special wishes for the colorway.


1-year engine guarantee/ Keihin CR35 Carbs/ Daytona 675 Front fork/ Dymag CA5 Carbon fiber wheels/ Michelin Power Cup Evo tires/ Bitubo Rear Supension/ Beringer double disk break/ Home made CDI Box/ Fully equipped with MOTOGADGET products/ (Chrono, M-Unit Control Box, M-Switch commands)/ Simplified electric wiring/ Handmade leather seat/ Sparks exhaust/ All bike accessories included/ (XXX Back light, LED turn signals, fenders, handlebar, grips)/ Fabrication of all special parts/ Powder coated paint

Triumph Thruxton 900 Stage 2-Bad Winners-TheArsenale


Builder Bad Winners

Model Thruxton Stage 2

Base model Triumph Thruxton

Engine 865cc

Max Speed+200km/h

Triumph Thruxton 900 Stage 2-Bad Winners-TheArsenale

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