Williams FW15D

Williams FW15D

This FW15D Senna show-car by Williams was commissioned back in 1994 and had was assembled by Mendal Autosport (long since out of business) as Williams confirmed in April 2020. The car is built with original scrap/out of mileage/surplus parts and some original raced parts of the real car.

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Life as a Collection Piece

This F1 car was for over 20 years being on the wall of a famous London private collection and was donated by Rothmans as Williams to this collector, that was the owner of a famous Williams Sponsor. A few of these replica show cars were commissioned by Williams F1 for Rothmans back in the day. This car during his life was exposed also in some important event, on all the exhibition “Grand Prix: the Formula 1 Championship Single-Seaters” 2013 Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, in 2013

Certificates and Paperwork

This car comes with certificates of authenticity that prove that it is a genuine piece of memorabilia, an important factor in the value of such collector's items. 

Other Items

This show car comes with a few extra cool objects of value such as a 1994 Senna helmet replica, a Rothmans watch, overalls and more. 


Williams FW15D

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