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Donor Bike


The LM comes in a limited run of 10 pieces. Each LM is numbered from #1 to #10 and is completely tailored to the client's specifications. The customization is done in 3D so you know exactly how the bike will look.

Estimated price for a build varies from 17,900€ to 22,900€.

$ 21,000.00
Realeased by Dab Motors


Due to the success of the LM#0 prototype version, Dab Motors have launched a limited edition of 10 unique pieces of this motorcycle, made on demand, configured with the client virtually and then made in France with the greatest care. The LM#1 was the first beast of the limited edition, its 3D configuration was set with the client directly from the start: each one-of-a-kind bike is configured in 3D with the customer during the design stage to match his needs, so he can basically configure it with your colors, textures, parts of his choice. The building quality has been increased compared to the LM#0 and thanks to this prototype Dab Design was able to correct some little imperfections.


Dab Motors proves that all the current 3D technologies are fabulous tools for customization and give infinite possibilities. Our approach is completely different than the “classic” customization method: 3D scanning the donor bike and we design the custom bike in 3D, part by part. Thanks to photo-realistic technologies, our customers are able to render the picture of the bike before building it: we know exactly where the build is going. Minimalist shapes, functionality, enduro & supermoto spirit. During the design stage, we are considering both the technical and aesthetic constraints in order to design the finest product.

DAB MOTORS LM-Dab Motors-TheArsenale

Engine Cleaned and rebuilt

Exhaust Handmade pipe + Supertrapp muffler

Filters K&N Air Cleaner & Breather Filter

Rims Excel Takasago 

Tires Pirelli Supercorsa

Frame Flax fiber bodywork

Lights Dab Motors Front Plate

Rear Lights LED 

Handlebar Renthal Fatbar

Grips 3D Printed grips (custom) 

DAB MOTORS LM-Dab Motors-TheArsenale

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