The collaboration between TheArsenale and Roger Dubuis marked the grand opening of the SoHo Residence, the third flagship under TheArsenale's banner and the second in the United States. This union brought together the luxury timepiece maison Roger Dubuis and TheArsenale, a trailblazing brand dedicated to mobility, to create a haven for innovation and opulence in the heart of New York City. The partnership champions exclusivity and affinity for the extraordinary, perpetuating a legacy of timepieces aligned with the elite elements of motion.

  • Originating as the first global marketplace committed to the realms of Earth, Sea, Air, and beyond, TheArsenale orchestrates an extravaganza of technology and design, bringing together the most groundbreaking brands and creators in the mobility sector. Since its inception in 2017, the company set its roots in Miami's pulsating Design District, flourished within the creative enclave of Wynwood, and later made a strategic leap to Asia with a flagship in Macau's prestigious City of Dreams. New York, envisioned as a pivotal destination from the outset, is poised to become TheArsenale's latest milestone, encapsulating the essence of a retail haven while fostering an elite network of entrepreneurs and movers in the mobility industry.

The collaboration with Roger Dubuis aligns with TheArsenale's philosophy of offering the epitome of groundbreaking innovation, akin to an adrenaline rush that transcends from haute horlogerie to the furthest reaches of futuristic mobility. Being part of the Richemont Group and known for their dynamic partnership with automaker Lamborghini, Roger Dubuis contributes to a synergy where high precision meets high velocity. Together, they curate an experience that showcases not only engineering masterpieces but also the avant-garde in transit, from hyper-watches to the prospect of flying cars, inviting visitors to indulge in the pinnacle of motion.