The newest creation from Icon Aircraft’s, the Icon A5 is like something from a James Bond movie. This one of a kind machine will be able to fly you anywhere you want easily. Something you have always wanted can now be yours.

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The Company

ICON Aircraft’s mission is to accelerate the democratization of personal aircraft and 3-D mobility. ICON creates consumer-friendly, safe, technologically advanced aircraft that make the adventure of flying more accessible to mainstream consumers.

The Icon A5

ICON’s first aircraft is the A5, an amphibious sport plane that fuses outstanding aeronautical engineering with world-class product design and unprecedented safety features. The A5 is the world’s first production aircraft that is spin-resistant, making it arguably one of the safest small aircraft ever created. The A5 has won some of the world’s most prestigious design awards and has inspired a global following.


Interior Cockpit Width: 46 in (116.8 cm)

Wingspan: 34.8 ft (10.61 m)

Aircraft Length: 23 ft (7.01 m)

Aircraft Height: 8.1 ft (2.47 m)

Safety Features

ICON Spin-Resistant Airframe (SRA)

ICON Angle of Attack Indicator (AoA)

ICON Parachute System (IPS)

Planing Wingtips

Predictable Flying Characteristics

Low Stall Speed

ICON A5-ICON-TheArsenale


Seats Two

Engine Rotax 912 (100hp)

Range 427nm (45 min reserve)

Length 7.01m (23ft)

Wingspan 10.61 (34.8 ft)

Max Takeoff Weight 686.4 kg (1510 lbs)

Max Speed 95 KCAS (109 mph) (176 kph)

Fuel 91 Octane Auto or 100LL Aviation

ICON A5-ICON-TheArsenale

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