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Tamarit Motorcycles

Jade by Tamarit Motorcycles

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Tamarit Motorcycles reached the 100th motorcycle built milestone with the creation of a true collector's item, which will be auctioned in Paris.

The Company

Tamarit Motorcycles is a 100% Spanish company that specializes in the transformation of Triumph motorcycles. In less than two years, the company had already become the world’s number one builder of these prestigious motorcycles.

Tamarit relies on delicate craftwork in order to offer customers custom-made motorcycles with exclusive designs, a lifestyle for those who dare to face what nobody does and is itching to ride a motorcycle with their own personality.

An Engineering Marvel

Tamarit has now constructed 100 motorcycles and it was achieved with a model that was entirely handmade. It was given the name Jade and this 100th motorcycle has become one of the most iconic Tamarit creations. A motorcycle hasn't been created as the result of a client request but as the representation of years of experience acquired from the construction of a hundred motorcycles.

It was an engineering project in which components were designed one by one. It was designed from the chassis, which ends in a mono-shock absorber, until the base, where the seat is placed. A process that involves technical design and handmade work over 600 hours of manual labor.

Mechanical Jewel

An entirely handmade process where every detail is given special attention until a unique final result is achieved. Jade is the representation of every technique learned by creating more than 100 hundred motorcycles.
There is a high mathematical precision involved in the techniques being used, similar to the perfection in a clock, where the motor is the component that sets the time.


Gold, chrome, and leather. This is the basis of the project, which has been created from high-quality materials such as the leather used in the seat and in the paddings next to the deposit.
There are tons of details kept in mind for the construction, such as the brass machining in the screws, the emblems, or the radio terminals, which together with the rest of the components, make it even more perfect. Never-ending details bring this piece to life.
The chrome plating also stands out. The chassis, the dumper, and the motor lids have been finished in chrome in order to give them a classical, elegant aesthetic. Chrome plating is a difficult technique but provides a high aesthetic final result.


The motorcycle colors are inspired by jade, which also inspired its name. It is a tone hard to find on other bikes. It has been made in a meticulous manner by the professionals working at Tamarit in order to make the motorcycle shine as if it was high-end jewelry. It is powered by the emblematic Thruxton 900 motor that will make neoclassic motorcycle lovers sigh. It has been opened and renewed to give it a completely new motor. Jade has a tailor-made methacrylate front fairing that gives it a more aerodynamic silhouette and at the same time distinguishes it from the rest. The swingarm has been extended by 15 centimeters, which has lowered the height of the bike. The project required going one step further and creating a new belly pan from scratch that would complete the unique design. As well the cooling system has been modified so that the oil is cooled through the chassis, which lowers the temperature.


Methacrylate front fairing

Extended swingarm 

Design and manufacture of a new belly pan 

Cooling system inside the chassis 

Single-seater leather seat 

Mono shock absorber made from scratch 

Fiber front fender with aluminum trim 

Semi-handlebars manufactured by Tamarit 

Speedometers inserted in the triple tree. Chrome 80.

Jade by Tamarit Motorcycles
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