Jambon Beurre Tailored Electric Motorcycle Project

Jambon Beurre Tailored Electric Motorcycle Project

The electric custom motorcycle project by Jambon Beurre offers an emission and noise free experience on two wheels.

50 000€

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After years of internal combustion bikes, mainly focused on Scramblers; Jambon Beurre decided to experiment with something new. They decided to pursue clean energy and make an electric bike. An electric bike has no emission and no noise; allowing you to ride undisclosed. 


To create this special bike, Jambon Beurre collaborated with PYMCO Technologie, a French company specialized in electric power trains. Together they managed to fit the electric engine in the frame and deliver sporty performance in a vintage package. The motor is adapted from an aircraft model and the battery is custom made with patented PYMCO technology, allowing for a 800A discharge and a special air forced cooling system. The result can be a cafe racer, tracker, scrambler etc. It is up to you to choose.


The motorcycle was built on a vintage motorcycle to maintain the connection and heritage of motorcycling. It had to be a motorcycle with a strong frame, able to handle the high torque and also flexible enough to be customized according to the client. This example project comes in a dirt-track body style and it will ride in the French Dirt Track Championship by Julien Dupont. You can order your own tailored electric motorcycle in many styles such as cafe racer, tracker and scrambler. The result is a tailored electric motorcycle build to your needs.

Jambon Beurre Tailored Electric Motorcycle Project



Torque270Nm at 8000RPM

Battery6,5 kWh

CoolingLiquid, assisting fans

Max Speed160 km/h (limited)

Base Bike1991 Suzuki DR 800

TransmissionDirect Chain Transmission


Jambon Beurre Tailored Electric Motorcycle Project

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