Pagani Huayra Handmade Exhaust-Aleksander Sladic-TheArsenale

Pagani Huayra Handmade Exhaust

Handmade with passion by Aleksander Sladic, this custom exhaust system for the Pagani Huayra is quite possibly the most complicated exhaust system ever built. Price by request only.

On demand
Realeased by Aleksander Sladic

Manufacturing Process

Shaped entirely by hand, Sladic has paid an incredible amount of attention to detail. The build quality ensures perfect engineering, functionality, performance and even aesthetics. Manufactured using the best techniques possible , the exhaust system is developed only after 3D scanning the underbody and engine bay of the car. After scanning is complete, the process begins with input from industry leading press forming, hydro-forming, mandrel tube bending, water jet cutting, modern CNC machining, precision hand welding and much more.

SAC (Sound Amplifying Chambers)

Quite possibly the only complaint you might have for your Huayra is the tame sound it makes from the stock exhaust. Sladic wanted to change the tame sound to a wild beast's roar, so he developed SAC. The sound is amplified with input from acoustic engineers and professional speaker manufacturers. Extensive research and development was made to create the Sound Amplifying Chambers. The chambers are developed using the latest speaker technology. The sound is amplified mechanically, using its own shape and exhaust gases to activate internal components. This intricate system that heavily improves sound resonance is trademarket as SAC technology.

Customization and exclusivity

The tailpipes offer a highly sophisticated replacement for the stock ones, crafted out of carbon fiber to add to the eye candy the Huayra offers. Each comprising piece is tailor made to suit the Italian character of the car. A meticulous attention has been paid to the exterior of the tailpipes. Inside all four tailpipes, a plate with gold lettering represents its 1 out of 1 exclusivity with the owner's name. This plate can be customized to the owner's wishes as well.

Pagani Huayra Handmade Exhaust-Aleksander Sladic-TheArsenale


Materials Gold, Carbon, Titanium, Kevlar

Weight 35% lighter

Length 25% longer

Power(No ECU Tuning) +80HP

Power(ECU) +110HP

Tailpipe schemes Pure Titanium, Gold, Black on Black



Pagani Huayra Handmade Exhaust-Aleksander Sladic-TheArsenale

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