The TDF-1 is the world's first Usable F1 Chassis and is completely tailored to its owner. Not limited only to the setup of the car, driving positions and controls, but extended to paint scheme, team wear, and custom-designed pit assembly.  

On demand
Realeased by Tour de Force

The Car

By using Modern-Era raced F1 chassis from 2011 and 2012, the TDF-1 couples all the original Formula One development and aerodynamics, and drives it with the TDF developed turbo’d 1780cc powertrain, giving its owner both mind-blowing performance along with cost-effective usability. This concept is something never before achieved in the world of private motorsport and gives racing enthusiasts and Supercar owners the chance to own an experience like no other.
This is one of the first fully customizable F1 cars and it doesn’t just stop at paint scheme, it is transferable to engine bay colour schemes, Carbon Fibre designs, seat trim level and with an extensive package of team wear and pit setup to match. This gives the owner the chance to encompass F1 in their own vision, all brought together with TDF’s in house team will work with you on every aspect to bring your vision to reality.

The Experience

The TDF-1 Program has been developed from years of Engineering and Motorsport innovation and excellence, giving its owner an experience rivalled only by Formula One team owners and the drivers.  Whether your idea Is to run on track competitively or to travel the world experiencing circuits with friends or other TDF clients, this car has you covered. Throughout the year, Tour De Force host a number of closed-circuit events for the owners of the TDF-1 and their Heritage division, these take place at some of the most iconic GrandPrix tracks across the world. Purchasers will also benefit from instant access to some of the most exclusive drivers clubs and owners circles to date, giving the chance to experience unique events such as being one of the first people to ever drive an F1 through closed sections of the Swiss Alpine pass, and that's just the start...



ENGINE 1780cc Turbo

Rev range Limited to 9000rpm

Power 450-600bhp - C1000bhp/tonne

Chassis Carbon Fibre Monocoque construction

Tyres Pirelli P Zero

Wheels O.Z Racing

Suspension Double carbon fibre/Carbon shrouded wishbone, Ohlins dampers, rear coils with front torsion bar springs

Steering wheel Bespoke TDF OLED display with drivers controls, carbon fibre construction including gear and clutch paddles 


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