Hazan Motorworks' Supercharged KTM

Hazan Motorworks' Supercharged KTM - TheArsenale

Crafted by Max Hazan, a world-leading bike builder with an incredible set of metalshaping skills; his newest supercharged KTM bike pushes the boundaries of custom motorcycle building further. 

He started with a very simple idea; one that got humanity hooked on motorcycles. Something cheap, fast and light. Max Hazan is among the only builders that builds bikes starting with the engines. He chose a KTM racing four-stroke plant as it offered considerable power and is relatively bulletproof. As if the 300cc powerplant wasn't enough, he installed an Aisin AMR350 supercharger.

In a typical Hazan fashion, the bodywork is entirely handcrafted from aluminum. A slimmed down tank is shaped out of '6161' type aluminum that offers substantial rigidity, flexibility and strenght. A separate coolant tank is installed up front and is finished in black nickel. All the body panels were polished and plated in a traditional way, tinted with chemicals and then clear coated. 

The rear hub was one of the hardest parts to make. It uses an asymmetrical lacing pattern; 10-spoke upfront and a 20-spoke in the drive side. Despite being considerably slim; the frame is one of the strongest Hazan has built. It uses 1/8 inch thick, 1.25 inch chromoly tubing and uses a solid block milled neck. The front fork and rear suspension are also bespoke for the motorcycle; machined out of solid 2-inch chromoly bars. Both the wheels use an old-school system with flanges that lock on to the tire beads.

As always, Max Hazan challenges the conventional way of building motorcycles by creating a masterpiece from it's beating heart; not by it's flaming beauty. 

Photography courtesy of Bike Exif - https://bikeexif.com