TheArsenale Annual Book-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale

TheArsenale Annual Book

The first annual book by TheArsenale is a personal art gallery on your table full of the world's best mobility objects.

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The Concept

TheArsenale was created to bring together the scattered world of mobility in one place united by taste, design and functionality. Covered in one of the world's most premium materials, Alcantara; the book is soft to the touch yet hard to digest in one sitting. Considered to be a bible of mobility, the Annual Book makes for the perfect coffee table material for motion enthusiasts.

The Inside

The whole annual book is divided in four major categories; EARTH, SEA, AIR and BEYOND. All of these categories are inspired by the pertaining military divisions. In each category you will find the most stunning objects of mobility; wooden bikes, futuristic snowmobiles and much more. It takes a simple turn of the page to get your curiosity fed with the world's best designers and vehicles.

Designers and Builders

TheArsenale chose the world's finest masters of their craft. Among the names you can find: Ora Ito, Peugeot Design Lab, Hermès, Blitz Motorcycles, Garage Italia Customs, Bandit 9, Joey Ruiter, Hazan Motorworks, Glider, Xavier Veilhan and many more. And to add that beautiful finishing touch, a black Alcantara® treatment is given to the hard-cover exterior. 

TheArsenale Annual Book-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale

GQ Magazine "This book is like James Bond's Argos Catalogue"

GQ Italia "Dalle barche alle mote; nasce TheArsenale: Toys for (rich) boys! 

Luxurious Magazine "TheArsenale is a luxurious Alcantara-covered coffee-table book about independently designed 'motion products' such as personal fighter jets, stealth boats, cars that turn into helicopters and crocodile skin skateboards'

Human Research "The ultimate toy catalogue for aspiring James Bonds. 

TheArsenale Annual Book-TheArsenale Edition-TheArsenale

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