2019 Moto Parilla Electric Bike

2019 Moto Parilla Electric Bike - TheArsenale

While we see electric bikes soaring to popularity lately, the name Moto Parilla hasn't quite rang a bell yet. Well that is about to change as they have announced an electric bike that steals the show wherever it goes.

Their lineup consists of 4 different models; Limited, Anniversary, Mimetica and Ultra. All the models feature a full performance suspension, Formula Cura E-Custom hydraulic brakes with 380 mm rotors in the front and 210 mm in the back. The bike is a premium offering for those looking to adventure offroad as it features a sculpted body, a premium leather stitched seat as well as a tail light integrated into the frame. We know you want to know about the engine so we are going to spill the beans. 

The engine is a 3000W motor by Moto Parilla, making the bikes go up to 50 mph with wide profile tires more suited for high performance road going motorcycles. Slap on a pair of offroad tires on this bad boy and you have a performance monster that looks as cool as e-bikes can look and leaves you breathless with its performance.