2020 Rezvani Tank Prepares to Launch this Summer

2020 Rezvani Tank Prepares to Launch this Summer - TheArsenale

In a few weeks from now, Rezvani Motors will debut the successor of their incredible Tank. As SUVs grow into a mundane, pseudo-aggressive mom-mobile genre; Rezvani wants to make sure that this rugged platform does not lose the identity that it worked so hard to gain. 

Exclusive collaboration with technical partners such as FOX suspensions paired to massive off-road tires give the new Tank extended off-road capabilities. The steel frame offers strength and rigidity that is ready to poke fun at the most cavernous terrains you could ever find yourself in. For those looking for extra power, the TANK X will be coming with a 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine that comes from a tuned to perfection Dodge Demon; ready to churn out 1000 hp. Want more? How about Electromagnetic Pulse protection for E1, E2 and E3 waves? 

The idea of the new TANK is to bring the aggressive design language we often find in concepts in real life. Extreme designs are blended with a rugged and utilitarian look that somehow manages to look luxurious and opulent. Made your mind up? Go here and lock in yours with a $2500 refundable deposit.