2020 Switch Motorcycles eSCRAMBLER

2020 Switch Motorcycles eSCRAMBLER - TheArsenale

After a successful venture with Shanghai Customs, Matthew Waddick decided it was time to expand their offering which gave birth to Switch Motorcycles. In collaboration with Michael Riis, they managed to design and build a motorcycle that captures the soul of scramblers with the purity of an electric engine.

The bike itself features an old school double-cradle frame which helps convey its identity as a tracker. A typical tracker subframe and bars complement the aesthetics together with a "fake" fuel tank. It uses WP suspension on both sides with 18" spoked rims on both ends as well. This concept uses a digital dashboard as well with cruiser control, GPS and ride mode selection. Performance does not seem to lack behind with a planned mid-drive motor with 67hp and a 13kWh battery that will make the eSCRAMBLER hit 100 in only 3.2 seconds. 

The motorcycle is now going through the homologation process but we will be able to see it showed off during the 2020 Scandinavian flat track season.