We're elated to unveil an unparalleled collaborative endeavor between CARDINAL SURFBOARDS/SHAPERS CLUB and THEARSENALE, helmed by the visionary Patrice Meignan. This fusion encapsulates the zenith of both surf technology and high-end design, crafting an emblematic narrative that's bound to leave an indelible mark on the aficionados of both domains.

Debut at Doha: A Momentous Occasion

Synchronized with the grand inauguration of THEARSENALE’s new avant-garde boutique in Doha, this partnership made its illustrious debut. The event was graced by a select cohort of luminaries from the spheres of design, motorsports, and luxury lifestyle, underscoring the significance of this alliance.

A Surfboard Like No Other

The magnum opus of this alliance is an asymmetrically designed, ultra-lightweight EPS/CARBON surfboard, flaunting an audacious neon aesthetic. This isn't merely a surfboard; it's an epitome of cutting-edge engineering and artistic audacity. It reflects the ethos of THEARSENALE’s newly minted 1,000-square-meter haven of luxury, materialized in an astonishing timeframe of just 12 days.

The Intersection of Art and Aquatic Mastery

This creation is more than a product; it’s a vivid embodiment of Shapers Club’s relentless pursuit of surf engineering excellence and THEARSENALE’s dedication to curating an intersectional universe where high art and high performance seamlessly converge. We invite you to be part of this exceptional narrative, where craftsmanship, aesthetics, and the oceanic waves are in a harmonious dialogue.

Unmissable: A Milestone in Collaborative Innovation

Unique collaborations of this caliber are far and few. They beckon not just the surf enthusiasts or luxury connoisseurs, but anyone with a discerning eye for objects that offer more than functional utility — they offer an experience, a story, and a glimpse into the future of lifestyle innovation. Visit THEARSENALE’s new Doha boutique to experience this tangible fantasy. It's more than an opportunity; it's an invitation to a new paradigm.