Aellambler Ducati Scrambler - Gold Treatment

Aellambler Ducati Scrambler - Gold Treatment - TheArsenale

Participating in the Custom Rumble, Masaharu-San has created one of the most gorgeous custom Scramblers ever. 

Working with Aella Japan, a custom parts fabricator; Masaharu-San has quite the knowledge to manipulate metal into beautiful shapes. The bike was designed with 3D modeling for real-time visualization of the intended plan. While most Scrambler customs have pursued its off-road tracker capabilities, this particular one went in the complete opposite direction. Finished in a golden tone brass paint, it screams opulence and luxury.

The bodywork is an impressive uninterrupted smooth line, running from the back to the front of the motorcycle. The rear, fuel tank and front cover seem to be interconnected in a beautiful flowing golden two-piece bodywork. But the bodywork is not the only thing that changed.

The L-twin engine of the Scrambler has been modified too, replacing the standard electronic fuel injection system for 39mm FCR carburetors, custom machined intakes and velocity stacks. Highlighting its trellis frame and beefing up the engine was all part of the treatment, to create the ultimate Scrambler. You can vote for the best custom Ducati Scrambler here.