AeroMobil Teases 5.0 VTOL Flying Car

AeroMobil Teases 5.0 VTOL Flying Car - TheArsenale

Slovakian based AeroMobil has hit headlines with its new concept flying car. Following the footsteps of Pal-V and Terrafugia, AeroMobil plans to create a vehicle capable of driving and flying at the same time. What sets it apart from the others however is the fact that it aims to be VTOL capable. VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) makes this car perfect for urban spaces as it requires no runways. 


To perform the vertical take-off, the AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL uses rotors mounted on the ends of each of its wings. When in driving mode, the rotors will fold back onto the car. Once airborne, a rear pusher prop will propel the car forward. The 5.0 will be able to conduct autonomous flights, raising the question whether a pilot's license is required. 


However, the 5.0 remains a far fetch from reality. AeroMobil states that it will take around 10 more years to get the product in the market, planning to start production in 2020.