Ampere Motor - Electric car for the masses

Ampere Motor - Electric car for the masses - TheArsenale

Ampere Motor USA unveiled the Ampere 1, the world's first electric convertible that is priced at only $9900. What sets it apart from the other electric options is not just its price but also it's character; it's built to be a fun car to drive. The Ampere 1 was exhibited at CES Las Vegas as well.

Technically speaking, the Ampere 1 is not a car; it's a three-wheeled car. Depending on your country of residence it can be classified as a motorcycle or autocycle. The base model is an open top roadster but you can add a removable hardtop when the weather doesn't agree with your plans of having an open air drive. You can drive it for up to 100 miles per full charge and there's an optional 150 mile range battery upgrade as well.

Tony Chan, Ampere Motor USA's CEO said "We wanted to make an electric car that is affordable to as many people as possible, so we designed the Ampere 1 to be simple and practical. At the same time, it's also stylish like an exotic sports car and really fun to drive. Our team has been driving race cars for over 20 years, so we use a lot of race car technology in this car. It's built with a very strong and lightweight race car derive tubular chassis and a double wishbone suspension similar to that of luxury sports cars."

The Ampere can be preordered on There will be test drives taking place around March 2018 in Orange County, California.