The Helix by Pivotal marks a revolutionary stride in the field of personal aviation, presenting an adventure in the skies accessible to those harboring the spirit of discovery. More than a decade’s worth of meticulous design and innovation culminates in the Helix, Pivotal's inaugural aircraft produced at scale. Built to make piloting an aircraft as simple as possible, the Helix boasts a seamless interface combining state-of-the-art software and hardware controls, making it a perfect fit for seasoned aviators and novices alike. The wide-angle view and tranquil flight operation not only enhance safety but also fortify the bond between pilot and the awe-inspiring expanses of the great blue sky.

The technical architecture of the Helix is a modern marvel, weaving together the principles of traditional aviation with cutting-edge advancements. This single-seat, Light Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) tilt aircraft is fashioned from sturdy carbon fiber composite, talentedly marrying durability with a progressive, ultralight design ethos, classified under Part 103 in the U.S. With dimensions to support even the tallest of pilots comfortably, the Helix pledges an exceptional 20+ miles range on its 8 kWh batteries. Remarkably, the energy consumption per mile outdoes that of an electric car, establishing the Helix as a conscientious choice for the environmentally aware aviator. Its built-in digital flight panel and intuitive fly-by-wire controls encapsulate the zenith of user-friendly operation, further bolstering Pilotal's vision for an uncomplicated flight experience.

Safety is the cornerstone of the Helix, underlying every aspect from conception through to pilot training and post-sale support. Pivotal takes no chances, weaving triple-modular redundancy and fault-tolerant design into the very fabric of the Helix’s operation. The aircraft can handle a rotor loss without compromising on safety, thanks to its 8 fixed propulsors, and is fitted with a ballistic parachute for added security. Training programs offered by Pivotal ensure that pilots are well-versed in handling the Helix, catering to both the digital experience via a mobile app and hands-on simulator sessions. As Pivotal gears up to ship the first batch of the Helix on June 10, the skies beckon to aspiring pilots with packages starting at $190,000. The journey to becoming a Helix pilot is not just about owning an eVTOL; it’s about pioneering the burgeoning era of personal flight.