Audi AI:Trail Quattro Concept

Audi AI:Trail Quattro Concept - TheArsenale

With AI finding its way into almost everything; the car world would certainly not be ignored by this technology. Electric powertrains are now being massively accepted by almost every manufacturer so machines that mix both these technologies are starting to appear in every manufacturer's radar.

Audi has "unveiled" a new concept but has still decided to keep it as mysterious as Batman's identity for the common Arkham citizen. What we know about it is its silhouette which hints at a bulky machine that is made to munch up off-road terrain. Taking some hints from its name, we can tell that it will use the brand's legendary AWD system that dominated every race discipline when it was first incorporated in their lineup. Also, it features an open wheel design that leaves us no choice but to assume that it is made for proper off-road terrain, not just gravel backroads.

Ahead of its full unveiling in Frankfurt, we know that the mysterious offroader will be using AI technology. Whether it will be in its driving elements or cabin controls, that remains to be seen.