Aurea Yacht Concept by Pininfarina and Rossinavi

Aurea Yacht Concept by Pininfarina and Rossinavi - TheArsenale

Rossinavi has cooperated for the first time with Italian design company Pininfarina, a cooperation that is mostly visible in the elegant line; a benchmark design language of Pininfarina.

pininfarina rossinavi aurea yachy concept

Unveiled June 1 at the SuperYacht Gallery in London, the newest Aurea concept gives a completely different look, compared to the previous yacht released by Pininfarina, the Ottantacinque. The exterior, beautifully penned by the Italian design firm features a smooth transition of curves and lines. The frontal part of the yacht seamlessly blends with the elegant rear.

pininfarina rossinavi aurea yacht concept

Aurea draws inspiration from Latin language, meaning "golden". The exterior features three distinct sections, with two upper decks that shape a very distinct silhouette. In the upper deck, a terrace extends like a walkway over the edge, giving an unlimited view of the surrounding ocean. The terrace is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing during sunny days. Below the upper deck, an alfresco dining table is found nearby a Jacuzzi which is positioned in the edge. 

pininfarina rossinavi aurea yacht concept

Inside, the guest cabins have a private balcony and large picture windows. Each of these cabins offers privacy to guests on a long journey. Below the second deck, the beautiful owner's deck is integrated into the interior design. Surrounded by sliding alrge las doors, the space extends into a terrace that shifts into a private balcony leading to the bow area.

pininfarina rossinavi aurea yacht concept

The collaboration between Rossinavi and Pininfarina has yielded great results, with the Italian design firm being able to effortlessly integrate functional design in a beautiful sea vessel. The broad portfolio of work for Ferrari has leaked its way into the design of the yacht, blending design elements of exotic supercars into a luxurious yacht.