Autofabrica Type 11 Prototype 2

Autofabrica Type 11 Prototype 2 - TheArsenale

‘’Yard Built’’ is the name of the yamaha motor company project which aims to its most passionate and creative customers. The concept is simple: the special bikes wave is now at its historical peak, and the three diapason brand means to ride it.

One of our favourite results of the Yard project comes straight from London, from the small bespoke motorcycle garage founded in 2013 by brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi: Auto Fabrica

Unveiled in april, the Type 11 prototype 2, seems to be the compromise between prototype 1, a track-only XSR-900 based bike, and prototype 3, a more functional and traditional custom.

The end product is just astonishing, bonding the one’s performance of the pumped up XSR’s 3 cylinder, remapped and lightened, and the three’s pure restomod flavour.

If you get to see one of this ultra-limited series, it will surely make an impression, despite the small dimensions and the minimal design. Attention to detail is beyond imagination: the short, refined black alcantara seat, the fuel tank and the front light appear as a single block of extraterrestrial matter, crafted and polished, by the atmosphere friction.

The rear light is composed of two overlapped semi-transparent red plastic foils, looking like crystals popping out of a deep crack in the chassis. The instrument panel is reduced to the only speedometer, looking as a little porthole fitted in the metal sheet. It couldn’t be left the distinguishing feature of the britannic garage: the smoothly arched exhaust system, externally exposed, which highlight and soars the compactness of the bike, following the line of the lower part of the body.

Prototype 2 seems more a sculpture, rather than just a yamaha special.