Balamutti Yondu Ice Racer

Balamutti Yondu Ice Racer - TheArsenale

Based on a Ducati Hypermotard, the Yondu Ice Racer is the craziest motorcycle we have seen lately. It does not resemble any custom motorcycle and if it wasn't for the iconic frame of the Hypermotard 1100, you would never guess what the donor bike is. Built by Vitaliy Selyukov for the Baikal Mile ice race, the motorcycle is fit for the arctic version of Mad Max.

The Yondu is named after the Guardians of The Galaxy character which has been airbrushed onto the rear wheel. Since the bike is competing on ice, keeping all the power on the surface is quite a challenge which lead to the crazy layout. From the typical motorcycle it has turned into a leaning reverse trike with two pivoting front wheels that lean with the bike as it enters corners. To control these wheels, a lever setup is connected via two tubular steel swingarms fitted with hubs to house the brake assembly. Pivot points connected with levers and linkages make it possible for the rider to turn the wheels left and right. For maximum apocalyptic looks (and traction), all three wheels have been fitted with studs to keep the rubber on the ice.

The bike is certainly not the most polished, elegant or beautiful custom bike but it is unique. It is a display of form over function with a large amount of badassery sprinkled all over it. Congratulations to Mr. Selyukov for building one of the scariest looking bikes out there and we wish him good luck on the slippery Baikal Mile.