Bandit9 Motorcycle's L Concept is Straight out of The Future

Bandit9 Motorcycle's L Concept is Straight out of The Future - TheArsenale

Daryl Villanueva, founder of Bandit9 Motorcycle has been part of TheArsenale ever since its conception. His garage can be found by clicking hereJoining his impressive lineup of futuristic motorcycles, the L Concept seems to take things a little bit futher. 

bandit9 L-concept rear shot

The bike shares the same clean, Sci-Fi inspiration that all of his models seem to do. Shaped out of polished stainless steel, the bodywork complements the futuristic inspiration with a turbine sitting just below it. The turbine covers the engine block and adds character to the bike, making it look like it came straight out of an intergalactic garage. That's because it actually did, it was modeled after the USS Enterprise's reactor from Star Strek. 

bandit9 l-concept uss reactor engine cover

Complementing the unique design is a pair of special controls for the bike. The handlebars seem to be extending out of the front fork, shaped towards the driver just like a personal spacecraft. With grips and levers chiseled from a solid block of aluminum, they complement the chrome look with their polished surface. The headlight is also shaped out of aluminum, featuring a unique design with five LEDs lined up vertically inside the headlight casing. In the rear, the stop light is stored inside the bodywork, covered in a vertical grille. 

bandit9 l-concept handlebars

The bike uses a 125cc engine, fairly lightweight but that's the entire concept of the bike. Original engine comes from a 1969 Honda SuperSport, an immortal engine that can run for millions of kilometers. Creating something light and unique without making it overpowering. Paired to a 4-speed transmission, the L Concept can go up to 110 km/h. While it's not USS Enterprise speed of light digits, it still is more than enough to make you feel like a starship pilot. 

bandit9 l-concept front view