Bandit9's Newest Bobber is a Surreal Motorcycle from The Future

Bandit9's Newest Bobber is a Surreal Motorcycle from The Future - TheArsenale

Bandit9 has been part of TheArsenale ever since its conception. They were chosen because of their ability to create otherworldly motorcycles. Following conventions is not their thing and their motorcycles have always been the center of the spotlight for their uniqueness. You can browse the Bandit9 garage on TheArsenale by clicking HEREwhere you'll have the chance to view and purchase four of their previous works.

The newest Bandit9 motorcycle is dubbed the 'Odyssey'. As usual, it will see a limited production run of only 9 units. This futuristic motorcycle features a look like nothing else. The whole body of the motorcycle is a flush, seamless piece of 904L stainless steel. This clean design gives it a Sci-Fi vibe that's present at every angle of the motorcycle. Even the side stand has been mounted in such a way that it doesn't obstruct the flush look of the bodywork. Bandit9 has been constantly working with big panels of continuous stainless steel as in their previous works but never at this level. The tank, seat, rear end and front end are entirely connected in a gapless panel of meticulously crafted stainless steel. 

All of the craftsmanship doesn't end here; they decided to transfer the quality of the bodywork to the individual parts by picking the best options in the market. The front Marzocchi fork is paired with lightweight Borani wheels for maximum weight shaving. Beringer Aerotec was the choice for the braking system and the seat is upholstered with Italian leather. The stoplight is one of the most amazing OLED assemblies found in a motorcycle; with an arch covering the entirety of the rear. So what about the dashboard? There's obviously none installed. WRONG! Odyssey uses one of the most amazing ways to project information; an avionics assembly that projects speed and odo/tripmeter beneath the unibody design.

Bandit9 is obviously caught up to the technology of today so they are offering two engine choices for the motorcycle. You can pick between a screaming 1400cc V-twin while the other one is a dual drive electric motor. While the traditional engine might have the roar, the electric counterpart offers unmatched torque delivery and a stealthy sound. The lack of the noise might be the most fitting attribute of the motorcycle; judging by its 23rd century looks.