Bicross Time Bike - A BMX done right

Bicross Time Bike - A BMX done right - TheArsenale

Designed by Alain Massabova himself; this BMX is a beautiful mix of oldschool and newschool with a master behind the works. If you're not familiar with Alain; he's a 40 year old BMX rider with more than 27 years of freestyle riding experience. Check out the video demonstration of Alain's skills in the end of the article!

alain massabova 1982

Alain wanted to revive legendary icons like the Redline RL20 II and Hutch Trick Star but in a bigger package. Sitting atop 24" Skyway mags, the handmade frame sits comfortably on Kenda wheels. Built from 4130 Chromoly, the handmade frame is identical to the classic BMX shape, only bigger. The concept of the bike was to create a neo-retro cruiser, something you could ride smoothly on a relaxing Paris afternoon; yet be able to ride hard when needed. With years of experience in the BMX world, Alain couldn't possibly go wrong with the bike. 

Built from the best available components in the market, the bike features iconic features of the BMX like wolf trap pedals, mushroom grips and chromed out components. A black matte fork is paired beautifully with the handlebar and frame itself. The Skyway mags are Graphite and black, as expected. On top of the chrome Shadow Conspiracy seatpost, a beautiful Saint Martin 25 seat is fitted. 

If you're looking for the perfect bike for everyday riding; look no further. Built by a connoiseur of BMX riding; it is the perfect formula. A stiff yet rigid frame, big wheels, quality components and the free spirit of a BMX, the Bicross Time Bike is the ultimate daily.

Alain Massabova - 40 years in Paris from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.