BMW x Futura 2000 M2 Competition

BMW x Futura 2000 M2 Competition - TheArsenale

Hervé Poulain was the first one to start the tradition of BMW's art cars and it brought some of the largest names in the art scene to the automotive world. Names like Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein and many more have had their own take on an art car based on a BMW of the time. 

Their latest collaboration is with Futura 2000, the famous American graffiti artist who had the chance to give his own take on the BMW M2 Competition Coupe. BMW said that it will be making 500 of these cars, with the interior of each and every single one of them painted by Futura 2000; making no two interiors the same. Interiors will have two-tone leather seats typical of the M-series cars. Futura 2000 will also sign the door sill trims of each car as well as number them.

BMW will be unveiling the first cars of the collaboration at Frieze Los Angeles where people will have a chance to appreciate the eccentric fine line work of Futura 2000.