Bosch eBike Design Vision

Bosch eBike Design Vision - TheArsenale

Bosch is one of the leading names in the e-bike world, providing state-of-the-art powertrains for bikes of all power figures and trims. This time, they have decided to dwelve into the design of e-bikes, coming up with a beautiful concept called the eBike Design Vision. 

Its purpose is to integrate all the electric components into the design of the two-wheeler. It is their idea of the future of e-bikes and we certainly approve their approach to it. The bike has a carbon fiber frame with integrated suspension systems on both ends, as well as the drive system seamlessly integrated into the frame. The Powertube 625 battery is housed in the down-tube and its cover also covers part of the drive unit, giving it a very seamless look. Other features include a Nyon onboard computer, an integrated color display, front luggage rack and internal cable management. 

We have no word on whether Bosch plans to release the bike to the masses but if it does, it will be one of the neatest e-bikes out there.