Brabham BT62 - Kicking it Back on Track

Brabham BT62 - Kicking it Back on Track - TheArsenale

Brabham was one of the most exciting names in Formula 1 and after years of absence, it's back stronger than ever. This time they're not entering Formula 1 but they are making a track-only cars. Brabham Automotive was created by David Brabham, son of Jack Brabham; original founder of the racing team. 


The first car from their production line is called BT62. Going the total opposite of the shrinking commercial sport cars, the car uses a mid-mounted naturally aspirated V8 engine. The 5.4 liter N/A V8 started its life as a reputable OEM block and was then extensively modified, redesigned and developed into a unique race engine for Brabham. It reaches its peak torque of 492lb-ft at 6200 RPM and peak power output of 700 HP at 7400 RPM. 


Thanks to its carbon body, it weighs only 972kg. That's an incredibly light car for a 700 HP engine, so while the 700 HP might not sound like much; consider the power to weight ratio. The power is sent to the back wheels by a six-speed race-spec Holinger sequential gearbox. Its adjustable rear wing helps the car generate up to 1200 kg of downforce and paired with Michelin slick tires; we've got a hell of a sticky recipe. To tame the beast, carbon ceramic disc brakes with teethy six piston calipers are used both in front and rear. 


The car will see a limited production run of 70 units to symbolize the years, representing the years passed since Jack Brabham started racing. This leaves with an extremely limited edition car with a price tag of £1 million.