Bugatti Type 57 T Concept Car

Bugatti Type 57 T Concept Car - TheArsenale

The newest Bugatti Chiron is the ultimate car; 1,500hp, incredible design and extraordinary performance. Bugatti has always been known for producing amazing cars and one of their most expensive ones remains the classic Type 57SC Atlantic. It was the best grand touring automobile at the time.

While Bugatti entertained the thought of developing a different line of cars back in 2012 when they built the Galibier concept, they did cancel the production for it despite news coming from them in late 2016 that it might come back. Designed by Arthur Nustas, this concept shows what a modern day grand tourer would look like if Bugatti were to build it. It borrowed styling cues from the Chiron and drew heavy inspiration from the new design language. 

While the Chiron uses a mid-mounted engine and all-wheel drive, the long sweeping hood of this concept suggests that the car would use a front mounted engine with either all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The front of the car is quite similar to the Chiron, featuring the iconic front headlights split into 8. On the inside, we can find the same iconic interior design notes from Bugatti's high-end rides; the center column and the beautiful leather stitching and the high-end materials to match. 

There is little to no chance that this sort of Bugatti would make it to the markets now but it doesn't hurt to dream. The 57 T Concept Car would be the most stylish contender to grand tourers like Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley Continental GT.