Byton Goes Fully Autonomous with K-Byte

Byton Goes Fully Autonomous with K-Byte - TheArsenale

Byton unveiled their Electric SUV at CES, an electric vehicle filled to the brim with smart features. Now they are debuting their second concept, the K-Byte.


While it remains a conceptual design, the K-Byte incorporates some interesting technology and claims to be fully autonomous. With Teslas having had a number of fatal accidents, probably due to the misnaming of its "Autopilot" feature, electric cars are receiving clouds of doubt. The new K-Byte however, uses an entirely new system and design. When in self-driving mode, LiGuards (the fancy name for their sensors) are popped out of the side mirrors. By using LIDAR (laser pulsation technology), it is able to see the surroundings much better and get a better grasp of the road ahead. 


The K-Byte shares much of the Electric SUV's design cues and it seems like this is going to be the company's design language for its upcoming vehicles. If they manage to successfully create this fully autonomous car, they will be leading the market for self-driving cars. The K-Bye remains a conceptual vehicle but it still offers a sneak peek into the future of electric cars and autonomous vehicles.