Cake Kalk - Make Dirtbikes Clean Again

Cake Kalk - Make Dirtbikes Clean Again - TheArsenale

Dirtbikes are one of the most agile, fun to ride motorcycles. Their lightweight construction and rigid frames allow for very aggressive riding even in the harshest of environments. Designers at Cake wanted to maintain those capabilities but heavily change the way we look at them design-wise.

Their newest electric motorcycle, the Cake Kalk is an electric dirtbike that screams clean Scandinavian design. The design starts with aircraft grade aluminum, used for both the frame and swing arm. Body panels are built out of carbon fiber to keep the bike as lightweight as possible. Strength and lightweight are the strongest aspects of carbon fiber so it was the perfect material of choice for a bike like this; light, rigid, strong and agile. 

The powerplant is a mid-mounted 15kW motor that feeds on a 2.6kW/h Lithium-Ion battery pack, guaranteeing a top speed of 50mph and a range of 50 miles. Top of the line Öhlins suspension with 8 inches of wheel travel makes sure that the bike will handle any terrain without breaking a sweat. Weighing just 155 pounds, the power to weight ratio combined with suspension travel make the Kalk a real monster dirtibike. Even though it looks clean and neat, it's mission is to get as dirty as possible in the harshest environments. To make it more desirable, the Kalk is also limited to only 50 units so order yours before they run out.