Citroën Ami One Concept - The Friendliest E-Car, Ever

Citroën Ami One Concept - The Friendliest E-Car, Ever - TheArsenale

Have you ever been to Paris? Other than the smell of fresh baguettes, cheese and wine overflowing the streets; there's also traffic congestion. Being French itself, Citroën had to find a solution for such an issue. Their latest concept, the Ami One is as friendly as its aptly named after (ami means friend in French). 

It is a cute, cubically proportional car that makes us want to put it on a leash and take it on a Parisian promenade. Its blockish shape allows for maximum space despite the small form factor. The Ami One Concept is a utilitarian vehicle and is intended to be rented for short periods of time like 5 minutes, to suburb trips of 5 hours. It also operates with or without a driver. To facilitate the driving process, Citroën has adapted the famous dashboard systems of many electric scooters around the world now which are powered by a smartphone dock.

Whether or when this car hits the road is still to be discovered but we are rooting for it to enter production soon. Look at the car, just look at it. We want to take it for a drive on a sunny day and go on a picnic. I don't believe that anyone could possibly be angry or sad driving something with such a comically cute serendipitous appearance.