Citroën Debuts The Citroënist, Love Brand Affair

Citroën Debuts The Citroënist, Love Brand Affair - TheArsenale

In the Geneva 2019 auto show, Citroën will unveil the latest concept as part of their new The Citroënist venture that is aimed toward brand enthusiasts.

Their first concept design is the SpaceTourer, a modern van full of character that is inspired by the need to explore and share with other human beings. The car is also accompanied by an exclusive Martone collaboration called Rider. 

After 4 years in the market for camping cars, Citroën has been making steady progress towards making its camping cars more accessible, better purposed and as dynamic as possible. The SpaceTourer is exactly this, a classic camping car that has been extensively developed to embrace the Citroën lifestyle and living on the go. It sacrifices nothing in terms of design, functionality and amenities. The BlueHDi engine offers great power delivery, especially when paired with the integrated transmission by Automobiles Dangel.

The other side of this new lifestyle love brand is the new Martone x The Citroënist Rider bike. The collaboration felt natural when the French car maker decided to take chic mobility to the next level, looking to make even the simplest commutes a display of style. Martone's savoir-faire was paired with The Citroënist's design team to make a ride that goes perfectly with their philosophy. The bike will soon be available on their lifestyle website over here so stay tuned for more updates and a chance to own and incredible bike.