Cobalt Co50 Valkirye

Cobalt Co50 Valkirye - TheArsenale

Cobalt is simply the fastest single piston engine ever built to date, reaching a 260 knots speed. Nonetheless, thanks to the canard/pusher aerodynamic combination, giving the aircraft stability, visibility and soundproofing benefits together with the ballistic parachute, the Co50 is also the safest.

Visibility is also guaranteed by the largest one-piece canopy in the world and with an unrivalled 320-degree visual. The design is curated by the CEO David Loury itself. It is very innovative and sharp and it’s clearly inspired by fighter jets but the interiors are luxurious and refined, boasting leather seats hand-stitched by former Hermès craftsmen, customizable platings and trim materials: what we call an officer and a gentleman.

It comfortably fits 4/5 persons, including the pilot, since it can carry a maximum payload of 378kg. The small but effective twin turbo piston engine, manufactured by Continental, generates 350BHP and is driven by a three-blade carbon fibre pusher propeller.

Cobalt Co50 is the best in the piston engine private aircrafts class from every prospective: design, performance, safety, technology and last but not least comfort and luxury.